Das Neurophone NF3 – das Meditationsgerät...

.… for your electromagnetic awareness and  vital energy.
With the Neurophone, you can activate all your body cells in a finely tuned way through electromechanical transmitted ultrasonic oscillations. In this way you gain new life awareness, increase your meditation success, improve relaxation, learning and memory. People have reported positive effects after using the Flanagan Neurophone on a daily basis, in the morning, before going to sleep, all night or all day.


Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan has developed his Neurophones to perfection.


Patrick was able to prove that the intelligence quotient (IQ) would be significantly increased, due to the synchronization of the brain hemispheres.

Dr. Batteau, who lectured as a researcher at the Tufts University in Boston,

invited the 21 year-old Patrick Flanagan with his Neurophone invention, to a research project on the communication between humans and dolphins.

The subdued ultrasonic sound of Flanagan’s  Neurophones is received by the saccule in the inner ear.

The saccule is the organ of balance and gravity.
With Original Flanagan Neurophones you can reduce nervousness and stress, both during sleep or when awake and

get rid of “electrostress”. This can result in a preventive benefit for your vital energy and health.

Superlearning: In 1971 the Bulgarian physician  Dr. Georgi Lozanov propagandized the system of suggestopaedia

for faster learning.
For your personal Superlearning you can balance your brainwave spectrum by help of a Neurophone

for your boostet learning effect.

The status of the Delta-, Theta-, Alpha- and Beta-frequencies in the band of 0.5 to 35 Hz can be analyzed by an EEG (electroencephalography).


With your Flanagan NF3 Neurophone you will gain new life awareness, improve meditation, relaxation, learning and memory!

Scope Of Delivery

Neurophone NF3 with releasable clip and 9 Volt batterie, 3 adapters and 1 wodden stick /

2 sound-transducer (single packed) /

1 original Flanagan CD with sound of flowing water and affirmations in German and English             

Download of manual with technical and application aspects

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 20.1 MB

Biography Hanns Martin Strobel, Dipl.-Ing.(FH) / VDE


Born in a family-controlled business that included forestry, hydroelectric power generation, a flour mill and a saw mill, provided me with the opportunity to grow up with active contact to artisanry, technology and a rural environment.
Consequently, I studied electrical engineering.
I worked in a managerial position within the automation engineering - a job prone to health hazards.
I have used Dr. Flanagan‘s health promoting products since 1999; employing Crystal Energy as an elixir for my drinking water, and MegaHydrate as an energetic antioxidant.
Four months after initial use of Flanagan products, I was able to accomplish nonstop 3,000 m on a running track - and this after suffering knee problems for five years. Of course I felt exhausted week-long. Two weeks later, I ran the same distance a minute faster and without being knocked out afterwards.

To experience this improved performance was reason enough to unequivocally recommend Flanagan products.
In December 2000, I imported Dr Flanagan‘s Neurophone NF1 through circuitous channels that went from Germany via USA and Sweden to Germany - although the product was manufactured in Germany.


In the step-by-step learning process, it became clear that my days were more relaxed and I slept much better -

thanks to original Flanagan Neurophone.

Through the use of a special amino acid product for complex formation of protiens, in 2001 I experienced further improvement in my wellness and performance.
In 2005, I noticed that my chronic sinusitis and all related troublesome symptoms had gradually disappeared - an observation that was confirmed by my missus. This improvement is obviously the synergistic result of the development I started in 1999.

Unbelievable but true - today I experience a much stable wellness than ever before.

Since mid-2001, and with the acquired experience, I have established myself as a consultant and service provider for following original Flanagan Neurophones:
Neurophone Mark VI (Mk VI from 1979); Thinkman/Model 50; NF1; DSP; GRS; NF2; NEO; current NF3 and Sound-Transducers.


I became personal friends with Dr. Patrick Flanagan.
Patrick approved and authorized my role as a sales and service partner for his wellknown Neurophones. I managed the manufacturing of the original Flanagan Neurophone NF2 since 2009 and manage the follower Neurophone NF3, also Made in Germany continous since 2013.


Pyramid Medal Sensor V

Pyramid Power

Dr. Flanagan‘s work is in a sphere ranging between high-end technology and metaphysics. As a scientist he continually enters uncharted territory and creates interdisciplinary connections; on the other hand he draws his knowledge and his developments from a well-founded spiritual background.
Some of his central themes are life energy and love energy. Through what

he has developed he has already achieved his declared goal of significantly increasing people‘s quality and length of life.
(Katrin Klink)

Dr. Flanagan‘s bestseller „Pyramid Power“ was published millionfold in the

USA in 1975.




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